Collagen Innovation

  • Collagen Main skin protein. Hold skin tissues to maintain it's structure for smooth, firm and youthful charecters.
  • Elastin Skin elaticity
  • Hyaluronic acid Retain moisture
Bind Calcium for Bone Strength
  • Collagen Main protein in cartilage 70-95%
  • Hyaluronic acid Main component in synovial fluid.
From 20 years old Collagen declines everyday average 1.5% per year

Dammaging Factors
  • Free Radicals
  • UV rays
  • Food
  • Stress
  • Smoking

Collagen for Bones & Joints
Joint pain
Knee pain
Muscle pain 

Collagen Protein 300,000 Daltons

Long chain collagen peptide. More than 1,000 amino acids.

Short chain collagen peotide 2,000 Daltons.

Collagen Dipeptide 200 Daltons
Smaller molecule, Absorb Faster & More Effective.

Targeting-Dipeptide Innovation

Targeting-Dipeptide Innovation
  • Small molecule
  • Faster & More Effective Absorption
Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide 
  • Short chain 2,000 daltons.
  • Small molecule. 
  • Easily absorbed.
Pure collagen from fish. Similar to collagen type I in human.
Boost collagen within dermis layers
Research: Adding collagen into skin tissue culture media enhances density of collagen within the skin layers.

Research : Consuming Collagen Peptide Support Joint Health
  • Noticeable in 3 months Reduce joint pain 
  • Noticeable 6 months Reduce joint pain 36% Reduce joint stiffness 45%
Frost & Sullivan's Best Practicess Awards 2009 for a company with Excellence in Growth
Frost & Sullivan's Best Practicess Awards 2013 Global Collagen Peptides Product Line Strategy Award

- Faster and More Effective Absorption
- Target directly at skin cells
- Boost collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

Collagen Dipeptide in 30 minutes Absorbed faster and more effective

Not just adding collagen
Targeting-Dipeptide Innovation
Acts on collagen-producing cells
Collagen Dipeptide acts on fibroblasts to Produce Collagen & Elastin
Advanced Research of Collagen Dipeptide
  • Improve skin smoothness
  • Reduce lines
  • Improve skin moisture
  • Improve skin elasticty
  • Reduce riske of osteporosis
  • Improve knees pain
  • Reduce risks of joint degeneration
  • Prevent sunburn
  • Reduce skin dullness from UV radiation
  • Reduce scare

Unique Features
  • New : Fast Absorption Formula
  • Combine 2 types of 100% Pure Collagen, Fish hydrolyzed collagen & Hydrolyzed collagen dipeptide
  • Small molecules, 55 time acdorbed faster and more effective
  • Targeting-Dipeptide innovation : target at fibroblasts
  • Increase collagen, elastin and myaluronic acid
  • For skin, bones and joints
  • Convenient, travel-friendly sachet
  • No added fat, sugar color,flavor. No fishy odor. Non-GMO.